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Giving Shape to Ideas

Colour Measurement in food

Instruments commonly used within the food and ingredients industry

Since manufacturing the first Chroma-Meter in the early 80s, Konica Minolta has been a pioneer for portable instruments that provide simple, and affordable colour control in the food and ingredients industry. Today, Konica Minolta supply portable and benchtop spectrophotometers and chroma-meters enabling colour measurement of samples in solid, powder, granule, pasty or liquid form.

CR-400 / CR-410

Portable Colorimeter with either a large or small measuring area for solids, pastes or granules


Portable Colorimeter customised for colour measurements of coffee products to SCAA Index


Portable Colorimeter for colour control of tomato based products


Top-port spectrophotometer for reflectance and transmission



Top-port colorimeter for reflectance and transmission



Compact Colorimeter, for easy control of baked products