Konica Minolta



Chroma Meters CR-400 / CR-410

The CR-400 and CR-410 are cost effective QC color measurement instruments with 8mm and 50mm measuring apertures for either reglar or irregularly coloured or textured samples. Widely adopted in industries such as foods and building products the color data is measured as the eye sees and is reported in simple Lab format.


The 400 series offer enhanced usability and functionality such as the re-designed Data Processor, featuring a large back light display for numerical or graphic display of measurement data and a built-in thermal high speed printer. The data memory now can store up to 100 target colours and up to 2000 measurements. Several new colour spaces and Pass/Fail formulas as well as indices for whiteness and yellowness enhance the usage into various fields of applications. The new "user indices" function allows the input of up to six different user or application specific equations using XYZ, Yxy or CIELAB values. Furthermore, the communication languages can be set for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.


For even more user flexibility the measuring head, equipped with Display, function keys and power supply, can now be used as "stand alone" or directly interfaced to the PC to run with the optional QC software SpectraMagic NX.

With all these features, the unsurpassed ease of use and the legendary ruggedness, the fourth generation of Chroma Meters is bound to continue its success throughout the world of modern colour control.


Main Features

  • The measuring head can be disconnected from the Data Processor to perform measurements independently. In addition, it is also possible to link the measuring head directly to a PC, and optional software (sold separately) can then be used to allow the PC to carry out data processing in place of the Data Processor.
  • Featuring a user index function for the free setting of evaluation and color-calculation
  • Several application specific accessories facilitate the measurement of powder, liquid, paste, and many other types of samples.
  • Compact Data Processor with integrated thermal printer
  • The CR-400 series feature the same illumination/viewing optical system as the previous generation and thus  data compatibility is assured.