Konica Minolta



Chroma Meters CR-410C

Specially modified with accessories and firmware to provide color measurements of coffee at all stages of the production process using industry standard measurements. This portable and cost effective instrument can provide SCAA index data on whole green beans, roasted, ground and freeze dried coffee products.

Optional accessories for CR-410C

3 cup holder containing coffee granules for colour measurement

Powder Sample Holder with Three Cup Holder

This sample holder enables the instrument to be held in position during powder sample measurement. Powdery samples are placed in the cups that are held in a sliding tray with three cups. This holder is best suited for fine powders although granular materials can be used in it as well. Enables the quick, easy, and precise measurement of powder with a CR-410.

Item comes with three cups and is not recommended for liquids.

Item Order Code: B027057

Cup for Powder Sample Holder

Spare cups for B027057 and B027058

Item Order Code

Granular Attachment CR-A50

For measurements of powders, pastes, grains or other small sized granular material. The low reflectance glass plate protects the sample surface against disorientation and prevents specimen material to enter the instrument. The set includes one retaining ring each to adjust the measuring area accordingly to either CR-400 or CR-410.

Item Order Code: 1829-751

Glass Plate for CR-A51 (for CR-A50)

Replacement low reflectance glass plate for CR-A50 Granular Attachment.

Item Order Code: 1829-752

Retaining Ring Set CR-A52

Replacement ring set for CR-A50 Granular Attachment. The set consist of one ring each for CR-400 and CR-410.

Item Order Code: 1829-753

Light Protection Tube with Glass Protection CR-A33e (only for CR-410)

Light projection tube for measurement of pasty, wet or moist samples. The protection glass plate prevents specimen from entering the instrument.

Item Order Code: 1849-735

Cell Holder CR-A501 (only for CR-410)

For measurements of powders, grains and granular materials in combination with the Glass Cell CR-A504. The measuring head is set to up-side down position and the Cell Holder CR-A501 precisely fixes the position of the Glass Cell CR-502.

Item Order Code: 9970-219

Glass Cell CR-A502 (only for CR-410)

Glass Cell made of optical glass for measurements of powders, pastes, grains and small granular materials. Diameter of the cell 60 mm. For precise positioning the Cell Holder CR-A501 is recommended.

Item Order Code: 9970-220

Vertical Stand USD CM-A516

The CM-A516 Vertical allows aligning the instrument in Up-Side-Down position and secures that the instrument cannot get out of balance by using the Cell-Holder CR-A503 for CR-400 and CR-A501 for CR-410.

Item Order Code: B027154

Hard Case CR-A103

For comfortable hand carrying and storage of measuring head, data processor and accessories.

Item Order Code: 1878-600

Data Cable CR-A102 RS232c

Connection cable between measuring head or data processor and PC. For PC terminals with 9 pin SUB-D connecter. Length of the cable 2 m.

Item Order Code: 1878-704