Konica Minolta



Chroma Meters CR-410T

The CR-410T is specially modified with firmware designed to provide data on tomato products including the specific USDA color index. The instrument can provide reliable color data on raw tomato, sauce, paste, juice, ketchup etc. making it ideal for procurement, goods in, production or the lab. A vital tool in achieving a consistent and appealing color for retail shelves.


The CR-410T handheld tomato colorimeter uses an index approved by the USDA to measure and grade the color of processed tomato products. This index simplifies color readings by presenting the user with one number to determine quality and grade. It allows uniformity and consistency of color from batch to batch.

The CR-410T measures the color of various forms of tomatoes such as sauce, paste, juice, and ketchup. This instrument is easy-to-use, affordable, hand-held, and can interface with SpectraMagic NX to edit and manage data collected.

  • Easy to use – press one button to measure the application
  • Portable – hand-held design in order to simplify measuring targets on-site
  • USDA Approved – index is approved by USDA standards
  • Accurate – highly accurate, saves time and money (prevents off-color rejects) than visual evaluation
  • PC data management – can interface with SpectraMagic NX software for data management


All other functions and features are identical with the standard CR-410.