Konica Minolta



Colorimeter CR-10 Plus

The CR-10 is a simple color reader ideal for measuring color difference between two samples, the instrument is a full colorimeter in compliance with DIN 5033.


Optional accessories for CR-10 PLUS

Protective cover for the CR-10 Plus

CR-A92 Small Aperture (5mm) Measurement Set

(including Target Mask Ø 5 mm <for SAV> without plate and Target Guide)

Item Order Code: A80F-704

AC-A305 AC Adaptor

Item Order Code: A80F-713

AC-A308 USB AC Adapter

Item Order Code: A32T-713


Item Order Code:

Roll paper for Thermo-printer

Item Order Code:

CR-A91 Dust Cover

Item Order Code: A80F-601

CR-A90 Hard Case

Item Order Code: A80F-600