Konica Minolta



Colorimeter CR-10 Plus

The CR-10 is a simple color reader ideal for measuring color difference between two samples, the instrument is a full colorimeter in compliance with DIN 5033.


The CR-10 PLUS represents the entry point to objective colour measurement. Compared to many other entry level devices, the CR-10 PLUS is a true colorimeter in full compliance with CIE, ISO and DIN 5033 standards.

Extremely simple to use, the CR-10 PLUS allows fast colour difference measurements between a target colour and a sample in just 2 steps. On the LCD screen colour difference are shown in CIELAB ∆L*∆a*∆b* and ∆E*ab or ∆L*∆C*∆H* and ∆E*ab values.

The 8 mm measuring area (illuminated area 11 mm) and the sphere geometry (8°:di) suits almost any sample size or surface; for those applications needing a smaller spot size, the optional small spot set can decrease this measurement spot to 5 mm.

The illumination by Xenon lamp, according to CIE standard illuminant D65 and 10° observer assure repeatable and correct colour measurements.
Data can be stored internally and transferred to a PC using the USB connection, or printed out using an external printer.