Konica Minolta



Colorimeter CR-10 Plus

The CR-10 is a simple color reader ideal for measuring color difference between two samples, the instrument is a full colorimeter in compliance with DIN 5033.


Principal Specifications CR-10 PLUS


Colorimeter CR-10 PLUS

Illumination / Viewing geometry

8°:di (8° illumination angle/diffuse viewing, specular component included (SCI); DIN5033 Teil7, JIS Z 8722 condition d, ISO7724/1, CIE No.15、ASTM E 1164)

Light source

Pulsed Xenon lamp


6 silicon photocells (3 for measurement, 3 to control illumination)

Measuring/Illumination area

Ø 8 mm /11 mm

(Optional Ø 5 mm /5 mm)

Display modes

Absolute Colour values (L*a*b* or L*C*h°; for targets only)

Colour difference values (∆L*,∆a*,∆b*,∆C*,∆H*,∆E*ab)


1,000 (Target data and measurement data)

Measuring range

L*: 10 to 100

Illuminant/observer condition

D65 / 10°


Standard deviation within ∆E*ab 0.1

(Measurement conditions: average of standard white plate measurements)

Minimum interval between measurements

Approx. 3 sec

Language support

English, Japanese, Chinese

Power source

Four AA-size batteries, USB bus power or Optional AC Adapter

Battery life

Alkaline-manganese batteries: Approx.2000 measurements at 10-sec. intervals

Operating temperature/ humidity range

0 - 40°C; relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation

Storage temperature/ humidity range

-20 - 55°C; relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation

Dimensions (W x H x D)

66 x 158 x 85 mm


Approx. 420 g without batteries

Standard accessories

Target mask, Softcase, Protective cap, Wrist Strap, AA size batteries, USB cable

Optional accessories

Small aperture (5mm) measurement set, AC adaptor, Thermo-printer, roll paper for Thermo-printer, Dust Cover, USB-AC adaptor, Hardcase



Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.