Konica Minolta



Portable Spectrophotometer CM-2300d

Portable spectrophotometer with sphere geometry and horizontal alignment

Optional accessories for CM-2300d

Zero Calibration Box CM-A32

For precise zero calibration. The box prevents ambient light from entering the sensor during the calibration. Reduces the influence by dust particle in air to a minimum.

Order Item Code: 1845-746

Granular Materials Cover Set CM-A149

Plastic cover and glass protected 8mm target mask to measure dusty materials with prevention of contaminating the instrument.

Order Item Code: 1856-706

Replacement Set for CM-A149

Replacement dust cover for CM-A149.

Order Item Code: 1856-707

Customer Target Mask CM-2500/2600d

Ideal for measuring flat samples. The large base plate keeps the stability against mowing and the clear marked target area provides a precise pre-positioning on the sample.

Order Item Code: 1856-900

Thermo-Printer DPU-S245-01

Compact Thermo-Printer, powered by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries.

Order Item Code: B027168

DPU-S245-01 Serial Connection Set

The set consist of the serial data cable with special plug for the data terminal of the printer body DPU-S245-01 and 2 nuts to clamp the serial data cable of the printer with the Printer Cable CR-A75.

Order Item Code: B027169

Hard Case CM-A148

For storing and hand carry the instrument and accessories.

Order Item Code: 1856-600