Konica Minolta



Portable Spectrophotometer CM-2300d

Portable spectrophotometer with sphere geometry and horizontal alignment


Simple yet sophisticated

The CM-2300d combines very simple, comfortable and intuitive use with the highly sophisticated, innovative and patented Optical System including numerical gloss control (NGC) to meet the high expectations for colour measurement in Quality Assurance. Together with the high energy xenon flash illumination and the high resolution monolithic dual beam monochromator, the entire optical system is free from moving parts and therefore guarantees substantial advantages in raggedness and reliability.

The sleek body and a large LCD panel ensure perfect handling in any position. Furthermore, the "Navigation wheel" makes setting operations simple and convenient.

CM-2600d used to measure colour of automotive plastic

Unequalled: Numerical Gloss Control

The Numerical Gloss Control which, for each measurement, provides simultaneous data with specular component included (SCI) and excluded (SCE). Instead of mechanical moving parts, the Numerical Gloss Control sequentially fires two xenon flashes, for SCI and SCE. At any time, you can switch between both measurement results in the display of the CM-2300d. The advantages of Numerical Gloss Control technology lies in its superior optical results as well as the absence of any moving parts making the instrument rugged enough for portable applications.

CM-2300d measuring painted surface colour