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Bench-top Spectrophotometer CM-3610A

A vertically aligned Spectrophotometer with benefits for measuring the color of light or thin samples such as fabrics, papers etc. The vertical configuration also has applications in color matching masterbatch pellets for minimising edge loss.

High-Precision, High-Versatility Spectrophotometer

The CM-3610A Spectrophotometer is a high-precision and high-reliability bench-top instrument with vertical alignment capable to measure colours either in reflectance or transmittance and thus offering a wide range of applications such as Plastics, Textiles, Paints, Ceramics etc.

The CM-3610A utilize the patented Innovative Optical System technology including numerical gloss control (NGC) for simultaneous measurements with (SCI) and without (SCE) specular components. In addition numerical UV control (NUVC) is the unsurpassed technology for UV adjustments when measuring samples containing optical brighteners such as pulp, paper textiles and other chemicals.

These patented technologies assure highest accuracy and repeatability levels combined with superior reliability due to reduced number of moving parts and thus offer an unmatched price performance ratio.