Konica Minolta



Bench-top Spectrophotometer CM-3600A

The CM-3600A is a versatile benchtop spectrophotometer designed to meet the color measurement needs of laboratory, R&D and production users. The instrument provides accurate color data for all manner of solid and liquid samples and can even measure haze.


Numerical Gloss Control Provides Simultaneous SCI/SCE Measurements

The CM-3600A utilizes Konica Minolta's patented Numerical Gloss Control system, eliminating the need for a mechanical gloss trap. By using two xenon lamps the system can provide simultaneous colour measurements results for specular components included (SCI) and excluded (SCE) with a single measurement.


Numerical UV Control for Accurate Measurements of Fluorescent Materials

Accurate measurement of materials such as paper or cloth treated with using optical brighteners  (OBA) requires precise control of the UV component. The patented Numerical UV Control method used by the CM-3600A provides such control by using proprietary calculations to combine the results from flashes of two xenon lamps: one with full UV energy, the other with UV energy removed by a UV-cutoff filter (either 400 nm or 420 nm). This method eliminates the need for lengthy and repeated filter position adjustment, and enables UV adjustment by Whiteness Index, Tint, Brightness, or UV profile.


Reflectance and Transmittance measurements

The CM-3600A can measure solid or liquid samples in reflectance or transmission mode offering great flexibility for various samples ranging from opaque to translucence and transparent.


Viewer for accurate sample positioning

The sample viewer provides a clear, illuminated view of the sample to perfectly targeting and control the area to be measured.


Measurement Areas to match the sample

The CM-3600A offers 3 different apertures with Ø 4 mm, 8 mm, and 25.4 mm to perfectly match any sample size.