Konica Minolta



Bench-top Spectrophotometer CM-3610A

A vertically aligned Spectrophotometer with benefits for measuring the color of light or thin samples such as fabrics, papers etc. The vertical configuration also has applications in color matching masterbatch pellets for minimising edge loss.

Optional accessories for CM-3610A

Transmittance Zero Calibration plate CM-A100

The Transmission Zero Calibration Plate CM-A100 is required to block the light path for zero calibration in transmittance measurement mode. The black and mat coating of the plate absorbs also stray light within the transmission chamber of the instrument.

Item Order Code: 1864-712

Transmittance Specimen Holder CM-A96

For precise positioning of transparent plates, films or other transparent samples for transmittance measurements. Holds the Rectangular Cells CM-A97 (2 mm path), CM-A98 (10 mm path), CM-A99 (20 mm path) and the Rectangular Disposal Cells CM-A CM-A130 (2 mm path), CM-A131 (10 mm path) and CM-A132 (20 mm path) or the Flow Cell CM-A508 (10 mm path) always in perfect and repeatable position for precise transmittance measurements of liquids.

Item Order Code: 1864-708

PET Pre-Form Holder Vertical CM-A513

The PET-Pre-Form Holder CM-A513 allows a precise positioning of transparent PET Pre-forms in the transmission chamber of the instrument. The Snap-In mechanic allows a quick exchange of the pre-forms.

Item Order Code: 9970-218

Tube Holder CM-A517

This special holder allows easy positioning and measurement of tubes such as pencils or similar.

The dimension of the Tube Holder is 50 x 50 mm and thus suitable for short and long samples.

It can be used for samples with a diameter from 8 to 24 mm. To prevent drop down of the holder the Tube holder is delivered with a self-adhesive plastic Ferro plate.

Item Order Code: B027157