Konica Minolta



Bench-top Spectrophotometer CM-3630

A vertically aligned Spectrophotometer in compliance with ISO standards used in the pulp and paper industry including ISO 2469 and ISO 2470. The instrument features a numerical UV-Control system which simplifies the process of calibration and measurement of color, whiteness and yellowness.

Optional accessories for CM-3630

Opacity JIG CM-A134

The Opacity Jig CM-A134 is equipped on one side with a white tile and on the opposite side with a black cavity and allows quick and precise opacity measurements of paper, films and similar materials. The Opacity Jig can be simply attached and de-attached without tools, but thanks to the turn able sample holder the Opacity Jig can be used also for thin samples for reflectance measurements.

Item Order Code: 1869-714

Powder Attachment CM-A510

The Powder Attachment CM-A510 holds Petri dishes with a diameter of 40 or 45 mm and allows the measurement of powder and grains without a glass protection plate between specimen and measuring aperture. Also suitable for pressed tablets wit a diameter of 40 mm.

Item Order Code: 9970-1109

Black Glass Tile CM-A511

High gloss black glass tile with high absorption. Due to the extreme long term stability perfect to use as background standard.

Item Order Code: 9970-1109