Konica Minolta



Bench-top Spectrophotometer CM-3630

A vertically aligned Spectrophotometer in compliance with ISO standards used in the pulp and paper industry including ISO 2469 and ISO 2470. The instrument features a numerical UV-Control system which simplifies the process of calibration and measurement of color, whiteness and yellowness.


The CM-3630 perfectly meets requirements for fast and accurate measurement of optical characteristics of paper during the manufacturing process.

The optical system, using a d:0° sphere geometry with fixed 30mm measuring aperture, is in full compliance with all relevant international standards such as ISO, SCAN, DIN, TAPPI, CPPA and AFNOR.

Using the patented Numerical UV control (NUVC) it is a highly accurate and reliable bench top spectrophotometer in the production environment. Controlled via the optional software PaperManager or SpectraMagic NX, the CM-3630 can give values for colour, tint, whiteness, yellowness, brightness, fluorescence, and opacity.

Furthermore, the Numerical UV-Control allows easy adjustment of the instrument's parameters to other instruments and thus, guarantees perfect data correlation.

Reflecting the accuracy and reliability, the CM-3630 is one of the reference instruments at Innventia AB, Stockholm for measurements of pulp and paper.

Piston-style sample holder

The piston-style sample holder can be slid down and locked for placing samples on it, and then slid up to hold even thin, flexible samples such as paper in position.


The optional Opacity Jig with pivoting black cavity and white tile enable easy measurements over stack (pile) to control opacity.