Konica Minolta



Benchtop Spectrophotometer CM-3630A

State-of-the art ISO-Standard compliant measuring device for the pulp & paper industry with unrivaled precision and stability in whiteness measurement


Highly competitive markets, such as the paper, pulp and cellulose industry, require a commitment to top quality throughout.

With Konica Minolta's state-of-the-art Spectrophotometer CM-3630A and the dedicated Paper production control software PaperManager you can precisely monitor production at all times. Designed to keep an eye on the optical properties of pulp and paper during the complete production process, the ISO compliant CM-3630A measures brightness, opacity, fluorescence, color, whiteness and tint in full accordance with several international and national standards such as ISO, SCAN, DIN, TAPPI, CPPA and AFNOR.

To meet your needs, the touch-pad enabled PaperManager software has been developed in close cooperation with the paper, pulp and cellulose industry and will also run on tablet PCs for "standalone" usage.

Numerical UV-Control makes calibration and adjustments to whiteness and tint a fast and easy procedure. In fact, in just a few seconds your instrument is perfectly calibrated, much faster and with conventional instruments. Since everything's done numerically, and with the significant reduction in moving parts, it is almost maintenance free.