Konica Minolta



Bench-top Spectrophotometer CM-36dG

World’s first Colour-and-Gloss Bench-top spectrophotometer with versatile horizontal or top-port alignment. Innovative measurement technology and best price/performance ratio in the field of reflectance and transmission colour measurements.


Efficient sample presentation

Four screw threads and linear guidelines in the front plate enable the operator to create custom jigs to accurately position samples – maximising the repeatability and speed of the measurement process.

Camera previewer for accurate sample positioning

The integrated camera viewer provides a clear preview of the sample for precise targeting and control the area to be measured. The software can capture images of the area that is measured to provide detailed and concise reporting.

Reflectance and Transmittance measurements, horizontal or top-port

The CM-36dG can measure solid or liquid samples in reflectance or transmission mode, horizontally or upside down. This offers great flexibility for various samples ranging from opaque to translucent and transparent.
The large, open sided transmission chamber can be used to measure transparent or translucent samples of any size with ease. The transmission chamber lid features a lift-and-turn lock to prevent accidental opening of the device and locks the chamber when used upside down to measure e.g. powdery material in round cuvettes. 

Numerical UV Control for Accurate Measurements of Fluorescent Materials

Accurate measurement of materials such as paper or cloth treated with optical brighteners (OBA) requires precise control of the UV component. The patented Numerical UV Control method (familiar to customers who used the CM-3600A) provides UV control by using proprietary calculations to combine the results from flashes of two xenon lamps: one with full UV energy, the other with UV energy removed by a UV-cutoff filter (either 400 nm or 420 nm). This method eliminates the need for lengthy filter position adjustment processes, and enables UV adjustment by Whiteness Index, Tint, Brightness, or UV profile.

Easy to read LED indicator panel with measurement button

The LED indicator panel displays current measurement settings at a glance. In addition, the measurement button in the panel allows to measure samples remotely.

Measurement Areas to match your samples

The CM-36dG offers four different apertures with Ø 4.0, 8.0, 16.0 and 25.4 mm to provide a suitable measurement size for any sample.

“Wavelength Analysis & Adjustment” – (WAA)

“Analyze - Adjust - Activate” - Konica Minolta’s patented technology checks and adjusts possible wavelength shift during each instrument calibration. This procedure assures unsurpassed long-term measurement stability and can keep measurements stable even for changes in temperature or environment conditions over time.

WAA allows the operator to easily distinguish whether the instrument itself is the cause of measurement differences, reducing troubleshooting time and providing improved certainty within supply chains.