Konica Minolta



Bench-top Spectrophotometer CM-3700A

Konica Minolta's top of the range spectrophotometer for reflectance and transmittance color measurement. The best benchtop spectro for customers requiring absolute accuracy of liquid or solid samples. Ideally suited to applications like color matching or for specification of color to a global supply chain. The CM-3700A can also measure haze and has an adjustable cut-off uv filter for samples with OBAs.


Reference grade bench-top spectrophotometer for reflectance and transmittance colour measurements

The CM-3700A is the flagship model from Konica Minolta meeting highest expectations in absolute accuracy, short- and long-term stability and unsurpassed inter instrument agreement levels to act as reference instrument in a global colorimetric network. The two flat holographic gratings with silicon photodiode arrays, one each for the sample and feedback channel, together with the high power xenon flash ensures highest absolute accuracy and repeatability, especially on very dark and high chromaticity shades. The entire optical system is mounted on a stainless steel casted chassis to avoid temperature drift.


Reflectance Measurements

The motorized gloss trap, controlled by the optional software, allow measurements of samples with (SCI) and without (SCE) surface conditions. Measurement area can be selected from Ø 25.4 mm, Ø 8 mm, and 3 x 5 mm to match the sample size.

For measurement of samples treated with optical brightness (OBA), the UV cut filter allows motorized adjustment of UV content for measurements of materials such as pulp, paper textiles and other materials containing OBA’s.


Transmittance Measurements

To measure transparent or translucent solid samples such as plastic sheets or as well as transparent liquids, the large and accessible transmittance chamber offers high flexibility.