Konica Minolta



Bench-top Colorimeter CR-5

A Benchtop colorimeter based on the CM-5, the CR-5 offers a fantastic price to performance ratio, particularly for QC measurements of liquids. Like the CM-5 the CR-5 can operate independently of a PC and features a color screen for enhanced usability.


Versatility for a wide range of Applications

Thanks to the unique concept and a wide range of special accessories, the CR-5 can handle almost any kind of samples in solid, granule, pasty or liquid form.

Aperture size from 3 – 30 mm, different Petri-dishes, different cell paths and a large transmittance chamber offer a unique flexibility.


Large colour LCD

The large colour LCD is easy to read and can display measurement data numerically and graphically or even just as PASS/FAIL judgments in 6 languages.


Wizard for on-screen operation guidance

The wizard function show intuitive on-screen guidance for users for instrument set-up.


USB storage of settings and data

Individual user set-ups as well as target and measurement data can be easily stored on USB memory stick to allow multi-user capability.