Konica Minolta



Portable Spectrophotometsers CM-25cG

Portable spectrophotometer with 45°c:0° geometry and true 60°-gloss-sensor


Innovative optical system combining colour and gloss measurements for unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability

With it’s innovative combination of 45°:0° geometry and true gloss sensor for even the smallest parts the CM-25cG enhances the flexibility and accuracy to match visual perception. It consists of a mixing box (integrating sphere) with an innovative poly-mirror system to create a near-ring shaped illumination on the sample with an embedded 60° gloss-sensor which conforms to ISO standards.

Compared to the typical 45°:0° geometry used in other spectrophotometers, the benefits of the optical system used in the CM-25cG results in significantly improved repeatability as well as inter-instrument and superb inter-model-agreement to the CM-2500c series. The innovative optical system eliminates directional dependency and minimizes the influence of changes in measuring position, instrument rotation, sample positioning and sample inclination. This offers important advantages on frosted, textured and structured material surfaces such as plastic parts used in automotive interior trims.

With its lightweight ergonomic design, optional Bluetooth® and high-resolution colour display, the CM-25cG is perfectly suited for applications in the production environment. It sets a new standard for an instrument that is easy and fast to handle and able to filter stored data based on group sorting by additional information (tagging) and measure data in less than 1 second.

CM-25cG measuring the colour of textured automotive plastic

CM-25cG: State of the Art on all Agreement levels

The CM-25cG was developed in close cooperation with major car markers with the aim, to reduce the exchange of physical samples with suppliers while at the same time keeping historical data, to allow the user to communicate measurement data based on absolute values enabling true “Digital Colour Data Management” throughout the value chain.

By default, all CM-25cG are true Close Tolerance (CT) grade instruments, and thus Konica Minolta proves once more it’s unsurpassed ability and know-how in optical precision technology. Highest Inter-Instrument-Agreement (IIA) levels of just ∆E*ab 0.15 (Average on 12 BCRA tiles) series as well for Inter-Model-Agreement (IMA) to the CM-2500c series define a new level of performance.

CM-25cG measuring colour of textured automotive textile

Functions and features

  • Unique 45°c:0° geometry with gloss measurement and optical sample preview
  • Two measurement areas: MAV (8mm) and SAV (3mm) for colour and gloss in one instrument
  • Xenon Flash illumination for best accuracy on dark colours
  • Measurement speed <1s
  • 360-740 nm wavelength range, 10 nm resolution
  • Lightweight (~600g with battery), compact and rugged for on-site measurements
  • Connectable via USB and optional Bluetooth®
  • Large and easy-to-read high-resolution 2.7” colour display
  • Group sorting of data by user-definable tags