Konica Minolta



Portable Spectrophotometsers CM-25cG

Portable spectrophotometer with 45°c:0° geometry and true 60°-gloss-sensor


The new CM-25cG is the successor to the CM-2500c which is the standard model for interior trims in the automotive industry. The CM-25cG is an even more compact and lightweight portable spectrophotometer with 45°c:0° geometry and a true high performance 60°-gloss-sensor. The 45°:0° geometry used is renowned for providing colour values offering excellent correlation to visual perception. This is achieved by fully excluding surface effects of gloss and/or texture. The built-in gloss-sensor accurately measures surface gloss.

With no compromises in performance, the CM-25cG has been designed to match or exceed standards for colour and gloss measurement in a number of industries, including automotive interior materials and high visibility textiles (EN471) or coatings).

Being fully compatible to the previous CM-2500c model, the CM-25cG’s perfect circular optical system (defined as 45°c:0°) achieves high accuracy and repeatability, especially on textured or structured surfaces, regardless of measurement direction. Not only does it measure colour, but also true 60°-gloss at the same time and, as a world premiere, not only for standard MAV aperture size (8mm) but also for small measurement areas with 3mm spot size.

The CM-25cG is lightweight and uses a large and easy-to-read colour display to show and manage measurement data either numerically or graphically. For correct positioning on a sample, the CM-25cG is the first device offering a true optical sample viewer in a 45°:0° geometry instrument.