Konica Minolta



Portable Spectrophotometers CM-2600d / 2500d

A reliable and accurate portable spectrophotometer with sample viewing window for easy sample selection, the CM-2600d and CM-2500d measure color both including and excluding the influence of gloss in one measurement. The instruments are ideal for color measurement of samples with optical brightener such as paper, card and fabrics as they can perform "numerical UV control" which is a unique feature in a portable colour measurement instrument.

Optional accessories for CM-2600d / CM-2500d

Zero Calibration Box CM-A32

For precise zero calibration. The box prevents ambient light from entering the sensor during the calibration. Reduces the influence by dust particle in air to a minimum.

Order Item Code: 1845-746

Granular Materials Cover Set CM-A149

Plastic cover and glass protected 8mm target mask to measure dusty materials with prevention of contaminating the instrument.

Order Item Code: 1856-706

Replacement Set for CM-A149

Replacement dust cover for CM-A149.

Order Item Code: 1856-707

Customer Target Mask CM-2500/2600d

Ideal for measuring flat samples. The large base plate keeps the stability against mowing and the clear marked target area provides a precise pre-positioning on the sample.

Order Item Code: 1856-900

Thermo-Printer DPU-S245-01

Compact Thermo-Printer, powered by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries.

Order Item Code: B027168

DPU-S245-01 Serial Connection Set

The set consist of the serial data cable with special plug for the data terminal of the printer body DPU-S245-01 and 2 nuts to clamp the serial data cable of the printer with the Printer Cable CR-A75.

Order Item Code: B027169

Hard Case CM-A148

For storing and hand carry the instrument and accessories.

Order Item Code: 1856-600