Konica Minolta



Portable Spectrophotometers CM-2600d / 2500d

A reliable and accurate portable spectrophotometer with sample viewing window for easy sample selection, the CM-2600d and CM-2500d measure color both including and excluding the influence of gloss in one measurement. The instruments are ideal for color measurement of samples with optical brightener such as paper, card and fabrics as they can perform "numerical UV control" which is a unique feature in a portable colour measurement instrument.


Simple yet sophisticated!

The CM-2600d and CM-2500d combine very simple, comfortable and intuitive use with the highly sophisticated, innovative and patented Optical System including numerical gloss control (NGC) and numerical UV control (NUVC) to meet the highest expectations for colour measurement in Quality Assurance. Together with the high energy xenon flash illumination and the high resolution monolithic dual beam monochromator, the entire optical system is free from moving parts and therefore guarantees substantial advantages in raggedness and reliability.


Unequalled: Numerical Gloss Control

The Numerical Gloss Control which, for each measurement, provides simultaneous data with specular component included (SCI) and excluded (SCE). Instead of mechanical moving parts, the Numerical Gloss Control sequentially fires two xenon flashes, for SCI and SCE. At any time, you can show both measurement results in the display of the CM-2600d. The advantages of Numerical Gloss Control technology lies in its superior optical results as well as the absence of any moving parts making the CM-2600d rugged enough for portable applications.


World first: Numerical UV-Control

The CM-2600d is the only portable instrument to offer the patented numerical UV-Control (NUVC). This innovative technology drastically reduces calibration and measurement time when measuring products treated with optical brighteners such as Textiles, Papers and Detergents. Instead of using the mechanically driven filters of traditional methods, the numerical UV-Control technology uses two xenon flashes (one including UV and one excluding UV energy) and special mathematics. Within a few seconds, both results, with and without UV as well as under different illumination conditions can be displayed.


Two measuring apertures to cover all sample sizes

The CM-2600d offers great flexibility of use with two interchangeable measurement apertures with Ø 8 mm (MAV) and Ø 3 mm (SAV). Changing the aperture mask is very easy and quick. The two lens position settings guarantee perfect data correlation with both apertures. These two apertures enable to measure samples of all size and shapes and avoid taking time consuming average measurements on structured surfaces or faulty results on small samples.

The sleek body and a large LCD panel ensure perfect handling in any position. Furthermore, the "Navigation wheel" makes setting operations simple and convenient.