Konica Minolta



Portable Spectrophotometers CM-26dG / CM-26d / CM-25d

Portable spectrophotometers with d:8° geometry and horizontal alignment


Unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability

While the CM-25d is the perfect choice for cost-effective applications, the CM-26d and CM-26dG were developed with the aim to reduce the exchange of physical samples throughout the value chain. The CM-26d series allows communication of measurement data based on absolute values to enable true “Digital Colour Data Management”.

By default, all CM-26d and CM-26dG devices are true Close Tolerance (CT) grade instruments, and thus Konica Minolta proofs once more its unsurpassed ability and expertise in optical precision technology. Highest Inter-Instrument-Agreement (IIA) of just ∆E*ab 0.12 (Average on 12 BCRA tiles) defines a new level of performance.

Modern and intuitive

With its lightweight ergonomic design, optional Bluetooth™ and high-resolution TFT colour display, the CM-26d series is perfectly suited for applications in the field. Being able to filter stored data based on additional information (tagging) as well as image-based workflows for easy and simple usage by uneducated users, it sets a new standard for easy and fast data handling.

With the additional Configuration Tool Software CM-CT1, administrators can setup and share settings all across their company network, even globally. With the Remote Support feature, support and training of user becomes as easy as never before.


The CM-26d series measures in Ultra-High-Speed. While single condition (SCI or SCE) measurements take less than a second, any combined measurements (SCI/SCE or SCI/Gloss (CM-26dG only)) are made in less than two seconds.

Two measuring apertures to cover all sample sizes

The CM-26d series offers great flexibility of use with two easily interchangeable measurement apertures with Ø 8 mm (MAV) and Ø 3 mm (SAV). The two lens position settings guarantee perfect data correlation with both apertures, enabling measurement of all sample sizes and shapes.

Functions and features CM-26d/CM-26dG

  • d°:8° geometry with Xenon Flash technology and optical sample preview
  • Two measurement areas: MAV (8mm) and SAV (3mm) (CM-25d: only MAV)
  • Best-in-class Inter-Instrument-Agreement for true “Digital Colour Data Management”
  • Connectable via USB and optional Bluetooth™
  • Large and easy-to-read high-resolution 2.7” TFT colour display
  • Group sorting of data by user-definable tags
  • Image-based workflows
  • Only CM-26dG: additional integrated 60°-gloss sensor