Konica Minolta



Portable Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer CM-512m3A

Designed for accurate color measurement of metallic and effect paints or plastics. The CM-512m3A circumferentially illuminates the sample from 3 angles to provide color data that corresponds well with visual evaluation.

Optional accessories for CM-512m3A

Zero Calibration Box CM-A32

For precise zero calibration. The box prevents ambient light from entering the sensor during the calibration. Reduces the influence by dust particle in air to a minimum.

Order Item Code: 1845-746

Accessory Switch CM-A23

Comfortable for measurements of horizontally orientated samples where the instrument must be held with both hands such as a wall. The release of measurements can be easily switched between the Accessory Switch and the built-in switch.

Item Order Code: 1854-702

Hand Grip CM-A43

The grip is equipped with an additional measuring button

Thermo-Printer DPU-S245-01

Compact Thermo-Printer, powered by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries.

Order Item Code: B027168

DPU-S245-01 Serial Connection Set

The set consist of the serial data cable with special plug for the data terminal of the printer body DPU-S245-01 and 2 nuts to clamp the serial data cable of the printer with the Printer Cable CR-A75.

Order Item Code: B027169