Konica Minolta



Portable Spectrophotometers CM-700d / CM-600d

Ideal for color measurement of solid samples. The vertical alignment of this portable spectrophotometer means that it has a small footprint, perfect for small or curved surfaces. The instrument communicates via Bluetooth so it can be used to measure accurate color data on the factory floor or at a supplier on the other side of the globe.


Measure anything anywhere!

With the CM-700d and CM-600d you can measure any sample of any! The ergonomic vertical alignment is perfectly suited to position and measure round or even concave shaped parts and samples with single hand operation. Weighing just 550 g, the CM-700d and CM-600d are the most very lightweight and thus allow excellent portability for on-site measurement. On the CM-700d, the measuring aperture is selectable between Ø 8 mm and Ø 3 mm to measure even small sample sizes.


Communicate wireless!

The CM-700d and CM-600d offer wireless data communications with an external PC or a Printer using Bluetooth® technology. This brings a new dimension of freedom of operation to portable colour measurement in production eliminating the usual cable tangle associated with conventional instruments. Bluetooth® data communications with the new models can work at distances up to 100m including bidirectional communications displaying PASS/FAIL message or colorimetric data. In stationary mode, the instruments also offer communications via a USB port.


The CM-700d and CM-600d are equipped with a large LCD screen to improve colour data reading & perception by displaying colour readings both in numerical or graphical mode to improve operability and understanding. Pseudo colour simulations to express colour difference or metamerism are also possible for rapid visual indication.

Easy to operate!

The CM-700d and CM-600d also set new standards in ease of use and intuitive operation. Five dedicated buttons for the most important operations and displayed menu guidance in 6 languages make it easy to navigate through all functions and features. Data memory capacity allows users to store up to 1.000 targets and 4.000 measurement sets. With the “Auto target” function, the instrument searches for the closest target of any measured colour.


More than you expect!

In addition to all the advanced technology, both models come with a full list of features and functions you can expect from the leader and pioneer in portable colour measurement:

  1. Sphere geometry with simultaneous measurement (automatic switching) of specular components included (di:8°) and excluded (de:8°)
  2. Powerful and long life Xenon Flash illumination for maximum accuracy even on dark and saturated colours 
  3. Highest levels in Inter-Instrument- and Inter-Model-Agreement, essential for global colour data exchange
  4. Choice of 3 power supply modes: Dry battery, rechargeable batteries (4 AA size) or AC Adapter for maximum flexibility
  5. Automatic “Stand-by” power saving function mode