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Rhopoint TAMS™ (Total Appearance Measurement System)
Individual new values for contrast, sharpness, waviness and dominant structure size fully describe the visual perception.


Rhopoint TAMS™ - the ultimate quality control tool for the complete automotive coating process, from raw-material, E-Coat to C-Coat.

This innovative device is the result of years of development collaboration between Rhopoint, Volkswagen AG and AUDI AG. Not only does it model human perception of final surface appearance quality, but at the same time can be used to judge topographic information from surfaces ranging from totally matt to high gloss.

Unlike systems that are currently in use, the Rhopoint TAMS™ is able to capture surface data for mid gloss and high gloss surfaces and therefore all surfaces throughout the automotive coating manufacturing process - steel and aluminium, E-Coat as well as filler, base coat and top coat.

TAMS measuring quality and harmony of painted plaque

Rhopoint TAMS™ Concept

Rhopoint TAMS icons

Dual focus camera operation captures ALL surface appearance data.

FAST operation with powerful on board image processing.

Easy to use with on screen menu navigation prompts.

SAFE to use- static measurement with soft contact area.

ERGONOMIC operation-measure entire vehicle more easily.

FAST & EASY data transfer via SD card.

Flexible power options - 2x removable rechargeable battery or mains operation.

Enhanced process integration via RFID.

Konica Minolta Sensing Europe B.V. is an authorized Distributor of Rhopoint Instruments Ltd.