Konica Minolta



Rhopoint Novo-Gloss 60 KM

A simple and compact single angle gloss meter ideal for medium glossy paints and plastics. The Novo-Gloss 60 KM is easy to use and measures 60° gloss in accordance with ISO, ASTM, DIN and JIS.


The Novo-Gloss 60 KM is a compact portable Gloss Meter offering a 60° measuring angle in full accordance with ISO, ASTM, DIN, and JIS norms. With its convenient menu and interface, all functions such as language settings, calibration, measurement and statistics can be performed. The Novo-Gloss 60 KM is affordable and suitable for samples with medium gloss. For perfect production control up to 2000 measurements are stored and used for statistical calculations.

Main Features

  • Ultra-fast measurement time
  • Graphical trend analysis with full on-board statistics of results for simple reporting.
  • Easy Batching – User definable batch size and names for more efficient measurement of multiple samples
  • Software-free data transfer of measurements and batches
  • Direct data input via Bluetooth – transmit each measured reading directly into Microsoft Excel or other programs
  • Pass / Fail for easy identification of non-conformances
  • Compliant to major international standards such as ASTM D523, ISO 2813, ASTM D2457