Konica Minolta




The ColorScout A+ enables accurate, high-efficiency measurements of color charts with the Spectrodensitometer FD-7 and FD-5


Automatic measurements of all kinds of charts

Using the ColorScout A+ with the FD-7 or FD-5 makes it easier to measure colorimetric data from color charts under ISO 13655 Measurement Condition M1. Measurement Condition M1 colorimetric data can be used to create color profiles that more closely match visual evaluation in a D50 (ISO 3664:2009) environment.

Using Konica Minolta's patented VFS technology users get colorimetric data for several illuminants (including D50, UV-Cut and self-measured illuminants) within one single measurement.

Maximum measurable chart size of 320 x 460 mm improves measurement efficiency by allowing even large colour charts to be measured in a single procedure without the need to cut up or tile the charts.
Measurement of user-designed charts is also possible.



The ColorScout A+ is equipped with both white and black backing. This ensures full compatibility to all kinds of measurement tasks in the graphic arts industry.
The maximum height of 20mm allows even the measurement of thick samples such as corrugated boards for the packaging industry.



As option the CSA+ can also automate our integrated sphere handhelds to obtain measurements of structured as well as metallic substrates.