Konica Minolta




The ColorScout A+ enables accurate, high-efficiency measurements of color charts with the Spectrodensitometer FD-7 and FD-5


Model ColorScoutA+
Measurement range (maximum chart size) 320 x 460 mm
Measuring instrument Spectrodensitometer FD-7/ FD-5 & Spectrophotometer CM-2600d
Minimum chart patch size 6 x 6 mm
Maximum sample thickness

FD-7: 1.5 mm
CM-2600d: 30 mm

Operating temperature/ humidity range 10 to 35°C, relative humidity 30 to 85% with no condensation
Storage temperature/ humidity range -20 to 60°C, relative humidity 0 to 90% with no condensation
Standard accessories Mounting bracket for FD-7, Height adjustment plate, ColorChart software, RS-232C cable, USB to RS-232C serial converter, USB cable AC power cord, White calibration plate for ColorScoutA3+, basICColor Catch
ColorChart minimum computing requirements OS; CPU Windows.XP(32-bit), Windows.Vista(32-bit); 300MHz or faster Hard disk; Memory 30MB or more available disk space; 64MB or more Display 1024 x 800 pixels or more