Konica Minolta



Spectrodensitometer FD-5

Enables colour evaluation taking into consideration the fluorescence of paper under any illuminant, including D50 (M1)




Perfect tool for the printer 

The FD-5 is the perfect tool to help printers in their daily business. The lightweight FD-5 makes process and quality control easier and more reliable.

TARGETMATCH including backing conversion helps printers to achieve the right colour on their production paper.

ISOCHECK enables fast quality control without additional software.

DeltaBrightness gives unambigous information about the amount of optical brightener and allows a fast control of production papers.


Corresponds to all Measurement Conditions of ISO 13655 (2009)

The Spectrophotometers FD-5 and FD-7 were the world’s first M1-type instruments, utilizing Konica Minolta’s original VFS (Virtual Fluorescence Standard) to provide measurements corresponding to D50. Konica Minolta's VFS makes the FDs the only instruments that can measure FWAs for any chosen illuminant, including self-measured illuminants.


Automatic Wavelength Compensation

With spectrophotometers, white calibration is performed as part of the daily work, and this calibrates the spectral reflectance coefficients (vertical axis). The new FD-7 and FD-5 are equipped with the industry’s first “Automatic Wavelength Compensation” function which automatically calibrate in the wavelength direction (horizontal axis) when white calibration is performed as part of daily work, greatly improving the reliability of measurement values.