Konica Minolta




FD-s2w is the universal measurement utility shipped with every FD-9


FD-S2w  test chart creation


FD-s2w has the following basic functions:

  • Create test charts
  • Import existing chart definition files
  • Measure charts
  • Export measurement data in various formats

Using FD-s2w users can measure virtually any existing test chart. The free form function automatically recognizes chart areas on a print using the integrated image scanner. Users can easily modify measurement areas in order to add or remove measurement points.

FD-S2w automatic patch detection using image scanner


Existing chart definitions can be imported and modified if needed.
Compatible formats include CGATS based text files, xml files from various softwares as well as CxF definitions.

Available export formats are CGATS as txt and xml, csv and CxF.

This flexibility enables a smooth transition from old equipment to fast and accurate measurements using the FD-9.