Konica Minolta



2D Colour Analyzer CA-2500

Used to measure luminance and chromacity distribution of displays principally for inspection and adjustment of uniformity, mura, white balance, gamma and contrast. The high resolution CCD uses XYZ filters to closely match the human eye and can assess multiple displays in one measurement.


Main Applications

  • Simultaneous evaluation and inspection of luminance/chromaticity or chromaticity mura of various types of displays or display-related components (backlights, optical films, organic EL panels, etc.)
  • Evaluation and inspection of the light emission distribution of automotive components (meters, instrument panels, lamps, etc.)
  • Light emission evaluation for cell phone keypads, light emission distribution measurements for lamps, etc.
  • Measurements of luminance/correlated color temperature distribution of various light-emitting subjects


Main Features

Sensor with XYZ filters provides high correlation with responsivity of the human eye.

The CA-2500 utilizes a sensor with XYZ filters to offer spectral response that correlates closely with the CIE 1931 color-matching functions, instead of the RGB color-separation filters used in digital cameras or color CCD cameras. This ensures luminance/chromaticity measurements that correlate well with visual evaluation.


High-resolution 1-million-pixel CCD
High resolution 1 million pixel CCD (980×980) enables accurate measurements of even small areas.


Interchangeable lenses for measurements of various objects

Standard, wide, and telephoto lenses (plus two macro rings for telephoto lenses) enable measurements of objects of various sizes by selecting the appropriate lens.
Individual lens calibration using multiple focal points
Each lens is individually calibrated at various focal points for the responsivity fluctuations caused by the instrument's sensors and optical filters and the lens itself. Accurate measurement of luminance distribution and chromaticity distribution can be started immediately after purchase.


Easy operation with included software

New developed, user-friendly software CA-S25w enables PC control of the CA-2500 for quick and efficient measurement, data analysis, and evaluation with easy operation. This combination is a powerful tool for development evaluation or inspection.


New subject setting assistance function

Measurement preparations are easier with focus adjustment section views and positioning assistance display


Easy focussing

With the Focus assist function it is very easy to focus in real time! The sharp edge in the graph assist you to find the optimum focus condition.


Multi-subject measurements possible

Individual evaluation of multiple subjects can be performed with a single measurement.

Automatic extraction of measurement spot areas to measure the brightness and color distribution of small letters and indicators.


Other functions

  • Synchronized measurement can be performed by numerical input of the sync frequency.
  • Integration of a maximum of 256 measurements ensures accurate measurements even at low luminance levels.
  • Backlight cancel function enables evaluation without the effects of backlight mura.
  • User calibration for luminance and chromaticity.