Konica Minolta



Display Colour Analyzer CA-410

Measure and adjust chromaticity and gamma characteristics of smartphone, tablet, television and other HDR displays across a wider luminance range than ever before. Successor to the industry standard CA-310.


Accuracy guaranteed from ultra-low to high brightness

The CA-410 features an accuracy-guaranteed brightness range 25x wider than its predecessor (compared to the CA-310 when using Normal Probe CA-P427, measurement range from 0.001 to 5,000 cd/m²). The chromaticity and gamma characteristics of HDR displays can be accurately measured and adjusted across a wide brightness range from ultra-low to high.

Improved chromaticity measurement accuracy

Enhanced XYZ filters increase the spectral sensitivity of the CA-410 bringing it even closer than its predecessor to the color-matching functions defined by CIE in 1931. The accuracy of chromaticity measurements has been further improved by calibrating the analyzer with a reference that replicates the optical spectrum of current displays. Users can more accurately measure and adjust the chromaticity and white balance of displays that have a wide color gamut.

Guaranteed accuracy
(xy; when measuring standard light source)
CA-310White: ±0.003  RGB: ±0.004
CA-410White: ±0.002  RGB: ±0.003

CA-310: Based on Konica Minolta's reference LCD
CA-410: Based on Konica Minolta's reference light source

Highest reliability and performance in production environments benefitting from compatibility with predecessor model CA-310

Working together with long-standing CA-series customers the CA-410 delivers improved reliability for a wider range of measurement targets and applications.

The CA-410 is optimized for integration; probes can be connected directly to a computer for a more compact installation. Measurement sensors feature a motorized zero-point calibration shutter for automatic remote support.

The CA-410 maintains compatibility with its predecessor, the CA-310. The same basic commands are used in the new software development kit and the new probes use the same threads as the previous generation to fit any existing jig or integration, making the process of upgrading as seamless as possible.

Accurate characterization of the flicker characteristics of modern display technology

The CA-410 is capable of measuring both JEITA and contrast flicker. A new addition to the CA-410 is that it has an expanded frequency measurement range and adjustable frequency response.


Data Processor Features

  • Measurements can be made immediately after the data processor is started.
  • 10 available ports allowing for multipoint measurements and maximum connections.
  • Portable and lightweight. The Data Processor can function on battery for 3 hours allowing spot testing and flexibility.
  • Clear and easy to read 7-inch color display that can be operated in several languages.
  • Quick and accurate measurements. Convenient for on the spot R&D applications.
  • Software for Color Analyzer is included as standard. Probes can either be connected directly to a computer or used with the data processor as required.
  • Onboard diagnostic capabilities allow for immediate feedback anywhere in the field. Minimising downtime and maximising accuracy.


Probe Features

High Sensitivity

  • Measures, inspects and adjusts chromaticity and gamma of OLED displays for TVs and smartphones with a sensitivity threshold ranging from extreme ambient lighting conditions to intense luminance and adjusts the speed easily and accurately as needed.


  • Can measure a variety of display types.
  • Compatible with CA-310 providing seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Measure up to 30,000 cd/m2 accurately and easily.


  • Same values as CA-310 but in a more compact device.
  • Ideal for areas with limited space.
Display Colour Analyzer CA-410 available probes