Konica Minolta



Illuminance Colour Meter CL-200A

The CL-200A is a cost effective and portable solution for measuring illuminance and color of light Including LED and EL lighting. Measurement data includes lux, CCT, xy coordinates and can be used for LED binning or matrix measurements over a large area.

Optional Accessories for CL-200A

AC-A308 AC Adapter

Item Order Code: A32T-713

AC-A311 AC Adapter

Item Order Code: 1864-793

T-A12 Printer Cable

Item Order Code: 1876-701

T-A20 Adapter Unit for Main Body

Item Order Code: 1876-710

T-A21 Adapter Unit for Receptor Head

Incl. 1m cable cat.5

Item Order Code: 1876-711

CL-A10 Hard Case

Item Order Code: 1877-601

CL-A11 Hood

Item Order Code: 1877-700