Konica Minolta



Illuminance Colour Meter CL-200A

The CL-200A is a cost effective and portable solution for measuring illuminance and color of light Including LED and EL lighting. Measurement data includes lux, CCT, xy coordinates and can be used for LED binning or matrix measurements over a large area.


Compact, easy to carry, and battery-powered

The CL-200A body fits in the palm of your hand, and is easy to carry along to take measurements where needed. It can be powered by 2 AA-size batteries (or by an optional AC adapter).


Easy measurement of correlated colour temperature

The CL-200A can measure correlated colour temperature and the difference from the blackbody locus Δuv, values which are used to describe the colour of light sources. The colour temperature of light is defined as the absolute temperature (in Kelvin) at which a blackbody would emit that particular colour of light.


Ideal for quality control of white LED lamps

White LEDs are usually made up of a blue LED which has been coated with a yellow phosphor material, so that the blue light emitted by the LED mixes with the yellow light emitted by the phosphor to create white light. Since the spectral emission distribution of the blue light emitted by the LED varies slightly for each unit, variations in the resulting white light will occur. Because of this, for white LED’s it is important to control not only the brightness but also the colour. The CL-200A can measure both the chromaticity from the phosphor and also inspect the output light quality of the final white LED lamp assembled from multiple white LED’s.


LED ranking function (Binning)

When LED’s are manufactured they are broadly grouped into colour categories such as red, red-orange, cyan, cool white, warm white, etc. In combination with the CL-S10w software, the CL-200A allows to rank the quality ranking range of white LED’s.


Multi-point measurements

The receptor head can be detached from the main body and then connected at a distance using  up to 30 measuring heads for multi-point measurements over a large area. In combination with the CL-S10w software one can simultaneously control all measurement points.