Konica Minolta



Illuminance Colour Meter CL-200A

The CL-200A is a cost effective and portable solution for measuring illuminance and color of light Including LED and EL lighting. Measurement data includes lux, CCT, xy coordinates and can be used for LED binning or matrix measurements over a large area.


Principal Specifications of CL-200A

Model Chroma Meter CL-200A
Luminance meter class Conforms to requirements for Class AA of JIS C 1609-1: 2006 "Illuminance meters Part 1: General measuring instruments"
Relative spectral reponse  Closely matches CIE standard observer curves x−(λ), y−(λ), and z−(λ) Within 6% (f1') of the CIE spectral luminous efficiency V(λ)
Cosine response (f2) Ev: Within 3%
Receptor Silicon photocell
Measurement functions Tristimulus values: XYZ
Chromaticity:Ev xy; Ev u'v'; Ev, Dominant wavelength, Excitation purity
Correlated colour temerature:Ev, Tcp, Δuv; Tcp (JIS method; available only with CL-S10w)
Colour difference:Δ(XYZ), Δ(Ev xy), Δ(Ev u'v'), ΔEvΔu'v' (One target colour)
Other functions User calibration function, Data hold function, Multi-point measurement (2 to 30 receptors)
Measuring range 0.1 to 99,990 lx, 0.01 to 9,999 fcd (Chromaticity: Available at 5 lx or 0.5 fcd and above) in four automatically selected ranges (Lux or fcd selectable)
Accuracy Ev (Linearity): ±2%, ±1 digit of displayed value (based on Konica Minolta standard) xy: ±0.002 (800 lx, Standard light source A measured)
Repeatability Ev: ±3%, ±1 digit of displayed value xy: ±0.003 (Based on Konica Minolta's standard measurement conditions)
Humidity drift Ev: ±3%, ±1 digit of displayed value xy: ±0.003 (Based on Konica Minolta's standard measurement conditions)
Response time 0.5 sec. (continuous measurement)
Data communication USB for connection to PC using included USB Cable T-A15; Terminal for output to printer using optional Printer Cable T-A12
Display 4-significant-digit LCD with back-light illumination
Operating temerature / humidity range -10 to 40°C, relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Storage temperature / humidity range -20 to 55°C, relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Power source 2 AA-size batteries / AC adapter (optional)
Battery life 72 hours or longer (when alkaline batteries are used) in continuous measurement
Dimensions 69 × 174 × 35mm (2-3/4 × 6-7/8 × 1-3/8 in.)
Weight 215g (7.6 oz) not including batteries
Standard accessories Case T-A10, Cap T-A13, Strap, AA-size batteries (not included in some areas), Data Management Software SL-S10w, USB Cable T-A15
Optional accessories Additional receptor heads, Adapter Unit for Main Body T-A20; Adapter Unit for Receptor Head T-A21; AC Adapter AC-A308 (for 1 to 10 receptor heads); AC Adapter AC-A311 (for 1 to 30 receptor heads); Printer Cable T-A12; Hood CL-A11; Hard Case CL-A10

Principal Specifications of Data Management Software CL-S10w

Type Add-in for Excel® (Excel is required to use this add-in.)
Operating environment One of the following environments with Excel® installed: Windows® XP + Excel® 2003 (OS language: English, Japanese, or Simplified Chinese) Windows® 7 + Excel® 2007 32 bit (OS language: English, Japanese, or Simplified Chinese)
Compatible instruments CL-200A, CL-200 (Some functions not available with CL-200.)

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.