Konica Minolta



Illuminance Spectrophotometer CL-500A

A hand held Illuminance spectrophotometer ideal for the measurement of LED  lighting. The CL-500A provides full spectral data from 360-780nm allowing accurate assessment of color rendering and other measures such as lux and color temperature that are traceable to international standards.


Compact, portable and battery-powered

  • Ability to measure CRI. Measures and displays spectral distribution graph and peak wavelength in addition to illuminance, chromaticity, and colour temperature.
  • The first compact, lightweight spectral irradiance meter in the world to conform to DIN and JIS standards. The CL-500A conforms to both DIN 5032 Part 7 Class-B and JIS C 1609-1:2006 General Class AA standards which ensure high accuracy illuminance measurements.
  • Portable & Lightweight – Weighs only 350g. A high speed processor and integrated LCD screen provides the CL-500A the ability to function as a stand-alone instrument. The CL-500A also has an internal memory of 100 data points that may be downloaded and evaluated more thoroughly using a PC connection if required.
  • Includes Data Management Software CL-S10w – A convenient, easy to use Excel add-in software is included as a standard accessory for easy control of measurement procedures.
  • Measurement of scotopic illuminance. Next to photopic illuminance also scotopic illuminance can be measured. In addition the scotopic/photopic (S/P) ratio can be displayed.
  • High-speed measurement –  Using the Software Development Kit (SDK) you can obtain measurements as fast as 5 times/sec. The instrument is suitable for production applications.