Konica Minolta



CRI Illuminance meter CL-70F

A compact, easy to use instrument for measuring light sources, including LED lighting and EL lighting. The CL-70F provides an entry-level solution for measurement of Colour Rendering Index, spectral irradiance, peak wavelength, tristimulus values, chromaticity, correlated colour temperature, dominant wavelength, excitation purity, illuminance, and difference values.


Cost Effective solution for measuring light-source colour and illuminance

The CRI Illuminance meter CL-70F is a compact, lightweight, handheld instrument for measuring the colour and illuminance of light sources (including new LED and EL light sources). Measurement data is displayed in terms of CRI, tristimulus values, illuminance, chromaticity, dominant wavelength, excitation purity, correlated colour temperature, and difference values from a target.

The CL-70F can be used with a commercially available flash sync cable to take spectral measurements of photographic flash lights.

The utility software CL-SU1w is included as standard and adds further functionality for capturing and analysing data.


Principal applications

  • Measurement and evaluation of special illumination sources used for restaurants, museums, studios, and stages, etc.
  • Measurement and evaluation of indoor lightsources such as LEDs, fluorescent lamps, etc.
  • LED billboard development, quality control, and maintenance
  • Evaluating the light distribution characteristics of LED illumination modules
  • Evaluating the illuminance distribution of lighting fixtures
  • Building and interior lighting research
  • Spatial lighting production and adjustment
  • Color-viewing cabinet maintenance
  • Projector light source research and colour inspection
  • Checking environments for psychological research experiments