Konica Minolta



Illuminace Meter T-10A

A professional luxmeter that provides accurate and traceable lux or fcd over a large measuring range. Can be used with a detachable receptor head for remote measurement or in multi-point mode by connecting up to 30 receptors to cover a large area.


Product Overview

The most important operational functions are accessed using just 3 large buttons. An additional operating panel for less commonly used features is found under a sliding cover. This way, you are not distracted by additional operating elements during everyday work. A large, backlit liquid crystal display shows the measurement values; the illumination is automatically switched on as soon as it gets too dark. The T-10 models offer the following possibilities for analysis:

  • Absolute measurement of illuminance in Lux and foot candles.
  • Comparison of illuminance values as a difference or percentage value. The target level can be entered by measurement or manual entry with the keypad.
  • Integrated illuminance (exposure) with a display of the integration time and the illuminance mean value.
  • Other evaluation options with the software optional T-S10w


Multiple Receptors with serial connection

The option to connect multiple receptor heads allows measurements at several points simultaneously without having to move the instrument. Large areas such as movie screens, can be measured easily. With the help of the optional T-S10w Software you can measure the ANSI lumens of projectors for example.
Up to 30 receptor heads can be connected at once and the measurement values can be called up with the base unit. The individual receptor heads are connected with a common LAN cable (10BASE-T) that can be up to 100 metres long. The various receptor heads are separated from each other and from the evaluation unit. Multi-point measuring is made very easy with the T-S10w software. The software also graphically displays the system and allows the simultaneous display of all measurement values.


Suitable to measure Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) light sources

Conventional illuminance meters often cannot accurately measure Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controlled light sources such as the increasingly widely used LED light sources.

Thanks to its special receptor design the T-10A is fully capable of accurately measure the illuminance of PWM light sources.