Konica Minolta



Illuminace Meter T-10A

A professional luxmeter that provides accurate and traceable lux or fcd over a large measuring range. Can be used with a detachable receptor head for remote measurement or in multi-point mode by connecting up to 30 receptors to cover a large area.


Compact, light-weight and easy to use multifunctional Illuminance Meter

The small, easy-to-use handheld illuminance meter is capable of measuring intermittent light sources, can be connected to each other to form multi-point units and is easily controlled with a PC. It has a very large measuring range of 0.01 to 299,000 lx with automatic range switching and a large, backlit LCD screen. All this with the renowned high precision level from Konica Minolta.


Main Features

  • Traceable light testing of Government and Civic facilities
  • ANSI Lumen measurement of Projectors
  • R&D by illumination manufacturers
  • Installation, Repair and maintenance of lighting in factories, offices, and hospitals
  • Quality control by manufacturers of home-use lighting products
  • Examination of commercial light sources
  • Illuminance control in agriculture, heritage applications and forestry