Konica Minolta



Illuminace Meter T-10MA

A custom version of the T-10MA illuminance meter that uses a small sensor connected by a 1m connecting cable. Providing the same level of accuracy in lx and fcd as the regular T-10MA, a waterproof model is also available with a 5 or 10 meter connecting cable.

Optional Accessories for T-10MA

Receptor Unit T-10MA

Receptor Head only

Item Order Code: A58U-315

Receptor Unit T-10

Receptor Head only

Item Order Code: A58U-305

Adapter T-A20

Adapter Unit for Main Body for separate connection of Head and Body

Item Order Code: 1876-710

Adapter T-A21

Adapter Unit for Receptor Head, incl. 1m cable to connect multiple Receptor Heads

Item Order Code: 1876-711

USB Connecting Cable T-A15

USB connecting Cable

Item Order Code: A32T-700

Hard Case CL-A10

Hard Case

Item Order Code: 1877-601

Printer Cable T-A12

Printer Cable

Item Order Code: 1876-701

AC Adapter AC-A308

AC Adapter 240V

Item Order Code: A32T-713