Konica Minolta



Illuminace Meter T-10MA

A custom version of the T-10MA illuminance meter that uses a small sensor connected by a 1m connecting cable. Providing the same level of accuracy in lx and fcd as the regular T-10MA, a waterproof model is also available with a 5 or 10 meter connecting cable.


Compact, light-weight and easy to use multifunctional Illuminance Meter with Mini Receptor Head for special applications

The T-10MA feature a small receptor head of 16.5mm diameter with a 1m connecting cable, enabling  measurements on small surfaces or situations where the receptor head of the T-10A cannot be placed.

The T-10MA is capable of measuring intermittent light sources. It has a very large measuring range of 0.01 to 299,000 lx with automatic range switching and a large, backlit LCD screen. All this with the renowned high precision level from Konica Minolta.


Main Features

  • Small receptor head to measure illuminance in special situations
  • Accurate measurement of Pulse modulated Light sources (PWM)
  • Automatic zero adjustment for immediate measurement
  • Auto-range function for a wide measurement range
  • LCD backlight for low illuminance levels
  • Key cover to prevent accidental operation.
  • USB interface supports direct connection to a PC
  • Powered by standard AA-size batteries or AC Adaptor