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Giving Shape to Ideas


LumiTop 2700 and 4000 - Imaging colorimeter

3-in-1 measurement device: spectroradiometer, RGB camera, and flicker diode


  • 2D color measurements with unprecedented spectroradiometric accuracy

  • 3-in-1 measurement device (high-end spectroradiometer CAS 140 series, RGB camera, and flicker diode)
  •  Easy integration in production lines due to SDK
  •  No golden sample calibrations are needed


Fields of application

Fast end-of-line display tests
The LumiTop models merge a high-resolution camera with the high-end spectroradiometer CAS 140D. Using the extremely accurate spectral information of the CAS 140D measurements as live reference guarantees spectroradiometric test accuracy across the whole image of the camera. On account of this unique combination of precision and speed, the LumiTop series is ideal for use in display production lines and in-process quality control. A wide range of test applications can be realized in a single test station, as, e.g., the evaluation of display uniformity, pixel defects, white balance, color gamut, contrast ratio or the measurement of intensity modulations. Notably, the LumiTop can be equipped with a fast photometer for flicker or luminance modulation measurements.

Testing of OEM display quality standards for automotive displays
German automobile manufacturers have agreed on new quality standards for the analysis of automotive interior displays. The latter are to be implemented by suppliers and also checked in production. For meeting these special requirements Instrument Systems offers the spectrally optimized LumiTop 4000 imaging colorimeter. As one of the few 2D color measurement systems available on the market, the camera fulfills  the color accuracy demanded in the “Display Specification for Automotive Application”. The accompanying LumiSuite software is the ideal measurement solution for fast end-of-line inspection with testing times of less than 15 s for the main assessment parameters, such as color, uniformity, gamma, and dot defects. This enables automotive suppliers to easily meet the strict spectral and photometric requirements in accordance with the OEM compliance guidelines.