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Giving Shape to Ideas


LumiTop X150 Subpixel - Imaging Colorimeter

Ultra-high resolution display tests at pixel level


  • 2D measurements with the highest degree of precision and minimum measuring times
  • Combination of a 2D-RGB sensor with a spectroradiometer and flicker diode
  • 150-megapixel camera for subpixel analysis of up-to-date display variants
  • Easy integration into production lines 


Typical applications

μLED displays in the production line
The extremely high resolution of the LumiTop X150 of 150 megapixels enables complete display characterization at pixel level with spectroradiometric precision in a single shot. The measuring system easily integrated into production lines and thus ideal for extremely fast and subpixel-accurate quality control of OLEDs and μLED displays in production.

Mixed reality technologies (AR/VR)
For mixed-reality technologies (AR/VR) the LumiTop X150 is an optimal laboratory instrument in R&D. These innovative display applications feature ever smaller and more densely packed pixels. Luminance and color deviations between pixels and subpixels are likely, and have a strong impact on the visual quality of the display. Because augmented reality glasses or virtual reality headsets sit close to the wearer’s eye, image artifacts and irregularities are particularly disturbing. Instrument Systems developed the LumiTop X150 for the analysis of pixel defects and pixel-accurate correction of deviations. An integral pixel-shift mechanism suppresses demosaicing artifacts by true color measurement and increases the resolution to up to 600 megapixels per color channel.