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Giving Shape to Ideas


LumiTop X150 Subpixel - Imaging Colorimeter

Ultra-high resolution display tests at pixel level


LumiTop X150 – Ultra-high resolution 2D imaging colorimeter, precise and fast
The new ultra-high resolution LumiTop X 150 combines a 150-megapixel camera and a flicker diode with a high-end spectroradiometer of the CAS 140 series. The extremely accurate data for spectrometer measurement is used as a live reference for 2D measurement and guarantees spectroradiometric precision for each camera pixel. The innovative LumiTop concept permits complete display characterization at pixel level in a single shot. In addition to the development of new display technologies, the new LumiTop model X150 is thus perfectly suited to fast, subpixel-precise quality control of OLEDs and μLED displays in the production line. A wide variety of test applications can be performed at a measuring station, e.g. determination of homogeneity and mura effects, evaluation of white balance, color space or contrast ratio. Combined with a fast photometer, the measurement of flicker and luminance modulation is also possible.

Main fields of application
The LumiTop X150 is mainly used in subpixel metrology. In particular, new photometric challenges are posed by μLED innovations in the display industry that result in an increasing number of ever smaller pixels. With its new ultra-high-resolution version of the LumiTop, Instrument Systems has developed a measuring instrument for the pixel-accurate analysis and correction of high-resolution displays that offers extremely short measurement times with greater absolute measurement accuracy.