Konica Minolta



Luminance & Colour Meter CS-150 / CS-160

Next generation portable tristimulus colorimeter for light sources and irradiated objects, commonly used to measure display lights, signal lights and to make non-contact surface colour measurements. These instruments build on the key design features of their predecessor with new features, improved accuracy and increased measurement range.


Main Features

  • Lightweight and portable
    Light weight, compact and battery powered, the CS-150/160 weighs just 850g  (not including batteries).  These ergonomic and portable instruments include a hard case as standard meaning they are easy to transport and operate for prolonged periods.
  • SLR (single-lens-reflex) optical system
    The CS-150/160 single-lens-reflex design ensures that there is no difference between area indicated in the viewfinder and the actual measurement area. The easy to use SLR optical system has been designed to be practically flare free which eliminates the effect of illumination outside the measurement area, ensuring accuracy.
  • Spot measurement for small target areas
    The 1° acceptance angle of the CS-150 can measure areas with a diameter as small as14.4 mm (at a distance of 1,014 mm); using the optional close-up lens, this can be reduced down to measurement diameters as small as 1.3 mm (at a distance of 205 mm).
    The 1/3° acceptance angle of the CS-160 can measure areas with a diameter as small as 0.4 mm (with close-up lens 110 attached).
  • Provides tristimulus colour data
    The colour of the object inside the measuring area can be measured quickly without the influence of the surrounding area and without needing to touch the sample.
  • Colour-difference measurement
    Once a target colour has been set (by direct numerical input or measurement), colour-difference measurements can be made, facilitating quick and easy colour management.
  • Data memory for 1000 measurements
  • USB 2.0 communication
    Connect with a PC via USB 2.0 to send measurement data and receive control signals. The instrument can also be powered by USB cable, ideal for use in measuring rigs or when working with a PC/tablet computer. Data-management software CS-S20w is included as a standard accessory.
  • 10 Calibration channels available for calibration to a user reference light source
    The CS-150 can be calibrated to a user reference light source, this can be used to further reduce errors and improve inter instrument agreement when using multiple devices.

Areas of application
Besides the measurement of absolute values, the instrument can also display values relative to a defined standard (target). That way differences in brightness and colour on large surfaces or similar items can be quickly ascertained.

The CS-150/160 Spot Incident Colour Meter can measure the luminance and colour values for all types of light sources including signal and traffic lights, airport runway lighting, lamps, LED's, etc. The wide measurement range of 0.01 cd/m2 to 999,900 cd/m2 (CS-160 0.1 cd/m2 to 9,999,000 cd/m2 ) and adjustable integration time ensures that the CS-150 or CS-160 can be used for most luminance and chromaticity applications.