Konica Minolta



LumiCam1300 photometer/colorimeter

Mono, Color and Advanced: three LumiCam 1300 models for instantaneous 2D analysis of luminance and color distributions for display and control elements in vehicles


Displays in the automotive industry are becoming increasingly complex, for modern light sources they open up completely new creative possibilities. The compact LumiCam 1300 models from Instrument Systems have been optimized for the fast and user-friendly measurement of display and control elements particularly in vehicles.

The measuring cameras instantly determine the luminance and color distribution of flat panel or multifunctional displays. Even the most complex image content can be analyzed and visualized with the tools and extension modules of the LumiCam software.

LumiCam 1300 Mono
Reliable and precise measurement of luminance.

LumiCam 1300 Color
Version with 4-color filters for highly accurate luminance and color measurement results adapted to the eye sensitivity curve in the automotive industry.

LumiCam 1300 Advanced
Innovative 6-filter technology guarantees the highest precision in color measurement particularly for narrowband light sources.

Main fields of application
The LumiCam 1300 photometer/colorimeter and LumiCam software are used for the measurement of all display types in the vehicle interior. These include complete dashboards and the modern flat panel displays of navigation devices down to the smallest symbol displays. A further field of application are demanding measurement tasks in the field of exterior lighting in research and development or quality assurance.