Konica Minolta



LumiCol 1900

Newly developed LumiCol 1900 imaging colorimeter with built-in CA-310 for fast and precise characterization of flat panel displays in the production process.


Whether LCD or OLED technology – for modern consumer electronics, today’s user expects a perfectly homogeneous, true-color visual experience. This places high demands on the measuring instruments for quality testing in the production process, to eliminate fluctuations in uniformity and effects such as flicker or Mura.

With the LumiCol 1900, Instrument Systems and Konica Minolta have developed a 2-in-1 instrument tailored for display testing and adjustment in production environments. It combines the proven CA-310 spot colorimeter from Konica Minolta as a reference instrument with a modern RGB CMOS sensor 2D image acquisition.

The CA-310 spot colorimeter measures the luminance and color values in a spot at the center of the camera’s field of view. These values are then used to correct the individual pixels of the simultaneously obtained 2D image of the camera. 

With the LumiCol 1900 the entire display area can thus be characterized quickly and at high level of precision in a single step. The associated LumiSuite software developed by Instrument Systems can be integrated into any production line via SDK (software development kit). For laboratory use it is controlled by a newly designed, user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) and offers a wide range of an analysis tools.

Main fields of application
The LumiCol 1900 is the ideal solution for quality control in production environments where speed, high precision and cost-effectiveness are priorities.