Konica Minolta



Spectroradiometer CS-2000A

A high end spectroradiometer for light sources and displays that measures spectral data, luminance and chromacity. Fast measurement times with high repeatability ideal for the low luminance blacks and contrast measurements on modern displays. Accurate as low as 0.0005 cd/m2 providing accurate contrast measurements at 1,000,000:1.

Optional Accessories for CS-2000A

Tripod 475B Manfrotto product

Very stable Tripod

Item Order Code: B027801

Pan Head MA-400

Pan Head for Tripod 475B

Item Order Code: 9970-1801

CS-A30 Storage Case

Item Order Code: A0E3-600

CS-A33 ND-Filter 1/10

Item Order Code: A0E3-702

CS-A34 ND-Filter 1/100

Item Order Code: A0E3-703

CS-A35 Close-up lens

Item Order Code: A0E3-704

CS-A36 Adapter for CCD Camera

Item Order Code: A0E3-705

CS-A5 White Calibration Plate

Item Order Code: 1890-705
(no calibration data)

Item Order Code: 1890-706
(with calibration data)

Item Order Code: 1890-707
(with calibration data and certificate)

Custom illuminance adapter incl. calibration data

Item Order Code: A0E3-904

Custom attachment for luminous flux

Item Order Code: A0E3-905

Custom attachment for luminous intensity

Item Order Code: A0E3-906