Konica Minolta



Spectroradiometer CS-2000A

A high end spectroradiometer for light sources and displays that measures spectral data, luminance and chromacity. Fast measurement times with high repeatability ideal for the low luminance blacks and contrast measurements on modern displays. Accurate as low as 0.0005 cd/m2 providing accurate contrast measurements at 1,000,000:1.


1. Accurate ultra-low luminance measurements as low as 0.0005 cd/m2

By utilizing technology to reduce sensor signal noise, the CS-2000A achieves an additional decimal place of performance compared to previous models. The CS-2000A enables stable measurement in ultra-low luminance regions by providing highly accurate measurements as low as 0.0005cd/m2 at a measurement angle of 1°C. In addition, it maintains less than 5nm half bandwidth* (considered necessary for measuring color) throughout the entire measurement wavelength range, enabling precise color measurements.

* Half bandwidth: An indicator of wavelength resolution.


2. Measurement supporting scotopic vision*1

Standard spectral luminous efficiency* of scotopic vision is included in "Data Management Software CS-S10w Professional" (included as a standard accessory), enabling highly accurate measurements corresponding to scotopic vision.

* Standard spectral luminous efficiency: Relative visual sensitivity determined by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) and used as a standard


3. High-speed measurement of microscopic areas

The measurement angle switching function of the CS-2000A allows the user to select measurement angles of 0.1°, 0.2°, or 1° according to the application. This enables a standard minimum measuring diameter of Ø0.5mm; furthermore, with the close-up lens (optional accessory), areas as small as Ø0.1mm can be measured. Therefore, the CS-2000A can be used not only for measuring general displays, but also for quick and stable luminosity and chromaticity measurements of ultra-small areas such as on automotive or aircraft instrument panels and for indicators of automotive audio systems.


4. Quality control based on the dominant wavelength

"Data Management Software CS-S10w Professional", included as a standard accessory, enables acceptance judgments* based on the dominant wavelength. The CS-2000A is thus optimal for quality control of LEDs, which are hailed as the next generation in lighting, and various other new lighting devices.

* Acceptance judgment based on dominant wavelength: Judges whether the primary wavelength (dominant wavelength) of the respective color is within the standard range in the chromaticity evaluation of LEDs or other illuminating light sources.


5. Accurate measurement of illuminance

Attaching a diffuser adapter for illuminance measurement (optional accessory) enables the CS-2000A to accurately perform spectroscopic measurements of illuminance and chromaticity of irradiated light.


Areas of application

Light sources of all types can be measured under Laboratory conditions with the CS-2000A, for example signal, traffic lights, airport lighting, lamps, LEDs, picture tubes, LCDs, PDPs, etc., simply anything that emits light. With the ever-growing demand for diversified media, stimulated by the growth of information-technology business and full-scale service of digital broadcasting, research and development has accelerated for various display devices centring on plasma displays and LCDs. Innovations in LED technology have led to remarkable breakthroughs in the development of LED products including traffic lights, backlights for reflective LCDs, and large outdoor display screens.